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Has anyone had experience creating a custom object and pushing it down to iRep? I would like to create a custom object, add it as a related list to an account and have it available on iRep but have been told that it's likely not possible. 

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    Dustin S Official comment

    Hi Brittany,


    This is definitely possible. Ensure the following steps are taken and you should be set:


    1. Create your custom object.
    2. Create a lookup field to the Account object on your new custom object.
    3. Ensure the Related List for your custom object is on the Appropriate Account Page Layout.
    4. Grant the end-user profile object level and field level permissions to the new object.
    5. Enable a VMOC record for the new object.


    Once this is done, clear the Veeva Cache and perform a DB refresh as your end-user.




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