Crosslink documents across different domain Vaults


We have a customer who would like to manage documents on one Vault and push it out to other Vaults. This customer has access to these other Vaults as a cross domain user because all Vaults are using different domains.

Can Crosslink documents be used in this scenario? If not, what are the options?




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    Adam McMillan

    Hello John,

    We have customers today who have worked with professional services or veeva partners to create this kind of flow using our APIs. It is possible to create CrossLink documents using vault APIs, so it's just a case of hosting that code somewhere.

    Alternatively there are abilities within the Vault Java SDK to use call our REST APIs, thus eliminating the need for middleware.

    Furthermore, in a future release (we're working on these abilities right now) you will be able to create documents (including crosslinks) using the Vault Java SDK directly, rather than calling out to our public APIs.

    For more in depth details about this, I suggest reaching out to your services folks, who can probably start you on the right path for these kinds of implementations.

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    John Choo

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the information, I will definitely reach out to our services contact regarding this.



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