Keep Vault's BEE-Editor version up-to-date

Dear all, there are some new functionalities in the bee.io editor and i'm wondering when those features are available in vaults bee. If started 2 tickets (ref. https://support.veeva.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360016116393-Current-BEE-io-functionalities-not-availbable-in-Vault-BEE-Addin / https://support.veeva.com/hc/de/requests/506518) so far with results that those update planened but then postponed with new release date. Therefor I'm starting this enhancement request, to drive this forward - hopefully with some support from this community ;-) 


for one example: row background image is missing in vault's BEE-Version

Love to hear from you and gain some support from other Vault-users :-)


cheers, Jan



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