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Can the Network Address Verification Status be removed?



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    Dear Hamsini Kolpe,

    The address verification status on the summary section of the profiles corresponds to the level of verification provided by the address cleansing tool Network uses to standardize all addresses in the system. We believe it is valuable piece of information for customers to understand on every country the accuracy of the address stored within the system.

    This is different than the status of the address (either Active or Inactive) that then downstream system consume for field force to perform regular activities against HCPs. Do you mind providing a bit more context as of why users get confused between the two? Also, what type of users are the ones feeling confused about it?  

    With the context and use cases where the users feel confused we will have more information to analyze this in more depth and think about what we can do in terms of enhancements to improve the experience. I can contact you directly if you wish to discuss.

    Best Regards, 

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