Set a Vault Time Out to 30MIN

Feature to increase Vault Domain session duration to 30Min or 45MIN.

As currently as we can see 20min, 1hour, 2hours, 4hours, 8 hours only. Nothing in between 20min- 1hour


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    Igor Tsives Official comment

    Hello Bindu and Kirsten,


    Thank you for letting us know that you're interested in this feature. We have it on our backlog and will look into considering it for one of our future releases.


    Best regards,

    Igor Tsives

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    Kirsten Moe

    Yes, UCB would also like to see a session duration option between 20 minutes and an hour. Our users consistently ask for us to extend beyond 20 minutes, but we cannot go as long as an hour and be in line with internal policy.

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