Pushing document from source vault to target vault on different domains


We have a requirement where documents are managed and approved in one Vault (source) and then pushed to other Vaults (targets) that are under different domains. Because of the different domains, this eliminates the possibility of CrossLink documents. The user that will be pushing the documents is a Cross Domain User.

I've found APIs that can be used to get details for a document and download it. I was able to replicate this scenario in Postman with manual steps as follows:

  1. Authenticate on source vault
  2. Get document details
  3. Get latest steady version of the document
  4. Download the document and save to local drive
  5. Authenticate on target vault
  6. Create the document on the target vault

I'd like to do this from a button on the action menu of the document if possible. Ideas?



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    Andy Han Official comment

    Currently, to do this from an action menu you have two options:

    Option 1: Web Action (http://vaulthelp2.vod309.com/wordpress/admin-user-help/admin-basics/defining-custom-actions/)

    - Create an URL endpoint for your integration application and configure a Web Action in Vault to invoke it.

    - Your application when called can be passed a session id, and document id that can be used to make the call to the source vault to retrieve the document information and file.

    - then your application will call the target Vault (using a service account) to create the document.


    Option 2: Java SDK Document Action (https://developer.veevavault.com/sdk/#document-actions)

    - Create a Java SDK Document Action that will either make an HTTP Callout (https://developer.veevavault.com/sdk/#http-callout) or send a Spark Message (https://developer.veevavault.com/sdk/#spark-messaging) to your integration application.

    - Your application will collect the document information and content (similar to the web action approach)

    - then your application will call the target Vault (using a service account) to create the document.

    The web action approach is much simpler as it doesn't require any Java code to be written on the Vault side.


    In the future, there is a feature on our roadmap for the Java SDK that will allow you to move document content between Vaults, which would eliminate the need to have a separate standalone application.  Currently, this is planned for a release in 2020.

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