Vault Should not include signature page as page number 1

Vault Should not include signature page as page number 1. For example source doucment and viewable rendition has 20 pages. When signature page is added and viewbale rendition is downloaded. in header it shows page 1 of 21. Signature page is considered as page 1 of the document and due to this TOC page number wont work correctly.


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    Florian Letourneux Official comment
    Hi Prakash,
    Thanks for your post. 
    You're requesting that we add another page number token that does NOT include the signature page so that the overlay page numbering doesn't differ from the source file's page numbering in footer and TOC. Thanks for your suggestion. This is not currently on our roadmap but I'll keep this enhancement under consideration for future releases.
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    Vladlen Rotshteyn
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    Prakash Deshmukh

    Agree its customizable but when numbers are added its marked as 1 which should not be the case. Vault should not consider that as first page. and start the number from actual page.

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