iPadOS impact on Engage Meeting and Webinar experience for HCPs

On September 24th, Apple is expected to release iPadOS.


iPadOS is a new operating system designed specifically for iPads. With iPadOS, Apple has enhanced Safari on iPads to deliver full desktop websites. This change to Safari on iPadOS impacts the behavior of Engage Meeting and Webinar.


Scope of Impact

HCPs joining an Engage Meeting or Webinar on an iPad running iPadOS and using the Safari browser will now be directed to join via the Engage Web Client instead of the iOS Engage App.

12.4% of HCPs join an Engage Meeting or Webinar via an iPad. Only a subset of those users were running on the latest version of iOS prior to the release of iOS 13 (on September 19th). We believe only a subset of the HCPs joining on an iPad will see a behavior change.


Behavior Change

The Engage Web Client will allow HCPs to join, view the screen share, and view the video tile of the active speaker. Also, as VoIP is not supported on Safari via the Web Client, attendees will need to join audio via a telephony option.

HCPs may experience minor UI issues, particularly when using the iPad in Portrait or Full Screen modes. Veeva and Zoom are working closely on a solution to ensure we can continue to deliver a quality Meeting and Webinar experience to attendees on all supported devices.

There is no impact to Reps hosting an Engage Meeting or Webinar on an iPad running iPadOS.

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