Token through Merge Fields - Conditional settings


I am using token with merge fields in MS Word.  i have a request to have one field for the date, though that needs to be:

Today's date , Effective Date, Obsolete date.

Codes below.  

Question, can I make the code with IF or Where to only display one of the values?

Status date:



Thank you in advance




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    Aaron E Official comment

    Hello Olivier,

    Currently only multi-select object reference field results can be filtered in merge fields.

    Vault Merge Field Documentation: Merge Field Filtering


    I am moving this to the Product Suggestions section for the Product Manager's attention.

    Best regards,


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    Jamie Falzon

    Hello Olivier,

    As Aaron mentioned you can only use a WHERE filter on multi-select object references. What would the comparison be that you're looking to make between the tokens in order to determine which to use?



    Jamie Falzon

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    Olivier Melis


    In my Word document, I have added the token status and Status dates.  By doing so, if i change the document to obsolete it displays the effective date and the obsolete date. 

    I would like to add a condition to the token, to say if status is obsolete, then display obsolete date, and if status is effective display Effective Date.

    token =document Status

    token = status date


    Kind regards,




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