To download document action(Entry Action) source code

We were trying to develop a code for updating a field value to null through Entry action of a document state in a lifecycle. For that we were searching the existing custom document action in our Vault. But, we were unable to download the source code for that action. We need a sample source code for reference purpose to start working on update of Even Action on a lifecycle state. We refer to the Vault help where it is written as "To download a custom document action’s source code or enable/disable an action, use the Actions menu in the Name column". But, we were unable to download it. Any help or comment in this regard will be appreciated.

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    Andy Han Official comment

    You can do this through configuration, without code.   Simply create an entry action on the desired lifecycle state and chose the "Set to blank if field has a value" action and specify the field.


    What you are referring to from the documentation about downloading customer document action code, is available only for "Custom" document action that customers add to their Vault via the Java SDK.  You can download custom SDK code from the Java SDK section in the Configuration tab.   However, for this use case, I don't believe you need any code.


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