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We have a customer that is interested in utilizing the Risk Management module but they would like to be able to define a "Detectability" attribute as well in the Risk Matrix.

Is there a plan to add "Detectability" as an attribute?




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    Peter-Elias Alouche Official comment

    Hi Johnny,

    May I ask why "Detectability" needs to be added to the Risk Matrix definition?

    Risk Matrices are 2-dimensional by definition.  Risk Matrices have Severity and Likelihood (also known as Occurrence) values.  Adding Detectability is a different concept relating to RPN (Risk Priority Number) which comes from FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) activities.  We will not be adding support for Detectability with Risk Matrices in the QualityOne application.  We are considering to add FMEA in QualityOne in future to support DFMEA and PFMEA but timing is not confirmed.  FMEA will support both the Criticality (or Risk Level) calculation (Criticality = S x O) as well as RPN (RPN = S x O x D).

    If a customer wanted to add a RPN calculation, what you could consider is adding an independent object called Detectability (also known as Detection) which will have a Description text field and a Detectability Value (number field).  You could then add a custom formula field called RPN on the object where you want to do the calculation where: 

    RPN = Severity x Likelihood x Detection

    • Severity and Likelihood would be dependent on the selected Risk Matrix
    • Detection would just be an object reference to pick the appropriate value regardless of which Risk Matrix has been selected

    Below is a sample of the Risk Matrix for your reference.  

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    John Choo

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for the quick and detailed response. We will review this with our customer.



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