Approved Email - hundreds or more clicks from anti-virus or spamfilters

We need a way to determine by click if it was a person or a robot.  Not sure whether this is a MailGun, Veeva, or both for an enhancement.  

Our approved emails sent with attached links are interrogated by the healthcare system many times causing enormous amounts of clicks to be registered.  While the idea of simply reporting the number of clicks is expected, we need more insight to each click.  Assuming that a click on the email or a fragment is coming from a person nowadays needs to be re-evaluated. 

The spamfilters, anti-virus, malware detection, etc. is interrogating our links more and more. 

With activity from a robot the click through rate (CTR) is really high and seems great from a marketing perspective.  However, this is a false positive and needs to be addressed.  We have hundreds and in some case thousands of clicks to an email.  Each of these needs to be manually investigated to determine how much human involvement there was.  

for now, we scrub the clicks within our ODS to determine whether it seems like a robot or not.  Grouping the activity by the same IP, User Agent, client and device type for more than 20 or 30 within 1 minute is our start.  


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