Possibility of updating fields on previous versions of document


I would like to update metadata field on previous version of my document. (Superseded state). To include the superseded date. Is there a way to do that from configuration, not by using loader or custom code?

Is there any plans to introduce such feature in future?



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    Aaron E Official comment

    Hello Radoslaw,

    A Vault Owner will be able to edit editable fields in the superseded state of a previous version. Check your security settings in the lifecycle state to configure other users' roles' permission and also the superseded date field's Field Level Security that the field is editable overall or by an override as desired.

    Vault Lifecycle Documentation: Configuring States

    Vault Field Documentation: Field Level Security




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    Radoslaw Nocon

    Hi Aaron,

    I didn't specify correctly. We would like to set the fields on previous superseded documents' metadata automatically when newer version is approved, field like superseded date. I was thinking if that is configurable from the back end, so I tried to look on Entry Actions and Event actions but looks like it doesn't give a chance.


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    Lucas C

    Hi Radoslaw


    Please find the screenshot below for adding an Entry action to set a field with formula, you can set the superseded date with Today() function


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