Require Filters on Document Relationships

In this Vault Documentation (http://vaulthelp.vod309.com/wordpress/admin-user-help/documents-admin-user-help/about-document-relationships/) It mentions you can configure the filters applied to the Add Relationships dialog when creating a new document relationship.  Specifically:

"Filters applied to the Add Relationship dialog when creating a new relationship on a document; for example, the Related Pieces relationship has a filter on Product. Filters can be required or not required. Users are only able to remove non-required filters. Some filters may not dictate a specific field value, but instead that the field value of the target document matches that of the source document."

Does anyone know where in the configuration you can add these filters and make them required?

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    Chantal R

    Hello Kyle


    The Document Relationships configuration is not exposed in the Vault UI. If you require edits to be made to your Vault's document relationship configuration, please submit the request to your Managed Services contact or a ticket to Product Support.


    Kind regards,

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