OR filters for Reports


Current Reports filters use AND conditions. Are there any plans to allow for OR conditions (filters) in Reports. I would like to request OR conditions be added as an option.   A business case would be to know if a certain field has a specific value OR is blank.

Thank you for this consideration.

Mark Judson-Ebbets
Sr. Product Manager
PRA Health Sciences
Veeva White Belt Certified (CER-033196)


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    Radoslaw Nocon

    Hi Judson,

    I have already asked that question, there is a lot of filters still missing in Reporting. I haven't heard about any specific date yet but hope that helps.



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    Graham G

    Hi Radoslaw and Mark - thanks for letting us know this feature would be helpful. OR filter logic is currently on our 2020 plan. 

    Best regards, Graham

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