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Metadata section on fields in Object




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    Kate Wilber

    Hi Radoslaw,

    The creation date of a custom field should be in the system audit trail, not in the configuration report. If it was created during the implementation project, it should also be documented in the project deliverables.

    We will raise a feature request to have the list of objects be searchable in admin. In the meantime, your browser search will be helpful to find items. Clicking CTRL + F will bring up a search dialog in most browsers.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.



  • Radoslaw Nocon

    Hello Kate,

    Thank you so much for those answers.

    I think the field I am speaking about is from around one or two years back. It is a burdensome to search for it when we don't have the time frame (additionally where we can only possibility use search month by month). Such information given would help us without digging into logs.

    Regarding the search, I think there are other places under Configuration tab where we could apply it apart from Object Setup. (Some contains long lists of records)

    Many thanks for your assistance.


  • Aaron E

    Hi Radoslaw,

    Did you update existing records with a field value when the field was created? if not, sorting the records list by creation date and checking where the field starts getting values can target the time it was added.


    Kind regards,



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