TMF Viewer Folder Labels

We would like to request the ability to change the names of folders in the TMF Viewer. 

The DIA RM often offers alternate names for each defined artifact. For example, the artifact Pre Trail Monitoring reports has several alternate names such as Pre-Study Visit Report. Within our organization we use the term Pre-Study Visit Report instead of Pre-Trial and it would be helpful if we could update the name of the folder in the TMF Viewer to display as Pre-Study Visit Report. 

A suggested product enhancement would be to allow the label of the folders in the TMF Viewer to be changed to one of the other alternate names as suggested by the reference model. 

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    Carter Davis

    I want to second this request. While the company I work for does use the standard DIA v3.0 artifact names, the labels in our eTMF have been updated to include the reference model number (i.e. 01.01.01) to help users who are more comfortable referencing the number. Losing this feature when upgrading from the legacy TMF Viewer has definitely generated some questions from our end users and it would be very useful to have this flexibility.

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