Tick boxes for Document Types Filter

In the Library users might need to select more than one document types at once. the only way to do it now is to click the Advance filter and this takes a few steps to accomplish. If we can have the option to select Document types the way we select Status or Product Filter it will be more convenient. 

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    Jonathan Chickneas Official comment

    Hi Elsie,

    Thank you for the suggestion!

    All filters that are displayed as a hierarchy require a single parent to be selected before displaying the children that a valid for that parent. To remove the requirement of drilling in from the top level parent, the hierarchy would need to be broken up into 3 separate filters (Doc Type, Sub Type, and Classification). We will consider providing an option like this in the future.

    We introduced the advanced mode on these type of filters to allow multiple selections at any level of the hierarchy, without the need to separate out the 3 levels. If may require a few extra clicks, but it is very flexible given that you have the option to use both "in" and "not in" operators.

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