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Binder with document in General properties



  • AZ Veeva Vault Support Team

    But we have an idea for an enhancement for Vault MC. Documents can be put into binders for ease of locating, but if you are looking at a document you cannot see that it is in a binder without looking on the action wheel to see “where used”. Is there another way this could be a general property and show the binders the document is linked to?

  • Adam McMillan

    Hey AZ team,

    What is the general user flow here? I would like to understand the process the user is going through, and why it is important that they immediately know if any given document is in a binder or not? This process sounds like it could be quite specific to AZ, rather than a platform enhancement that would benefit everyone, but perhaps if you give me more detail around the use case here, we can see if there's a more widely-applicable solution.

    Is the user looking at a specific document, and needing to know if it is in one or more binders? If so, why is that important?

    Or is the user looking through their library for docs that are in binders or not? Would a report be better? 



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