Commercial Vault 19R3 (PromoMats and MedComms) - Release Kit Now Available - 11/4/2019

The 19R3 Commercial Vault Release Kit is now available in the Veeva Product Support Portal. You can now access:

- Tips to apply 19R3 features to your business processes

- A comprehensive FAQ

- Key feature demos for:

  • Vault Auto Claims Linking: automatically generate reference links when reviewing promotional claims
  • Standard Metrics: track metrics with greater consistency to optimize content creation
  • Veeva CRM Data Sharing: get a 360-degree view of your medical inquiries and associated information - regardless of whether you raise them in Vault MedComms or Veeva Medical CRM
  • Adding Roles to Optional Tasks: add reviewers from any role to the middle of a workflow
  • Automated Image Renditions New Support Capabilities: create image renditions for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

For more information, visit the 19R3 release page on Vault Help.


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