Password expiration timelines and history reuse policy

As per the business requirement and information Protection team reported that our Vault’s password expiration timelines and password history reuse policy is not being set in compliance with our organization standards.
So we need to get the details changed as below for Privileged Accounts (Non-SSO Accounts) security policy 
Password Expiration : 30 Days
Password History Reuse : Prevent reuse of the last 12 passwords
Can you please let me know what is it set to right now for the above parameters? Is there a better option we can select that is available?

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    Igor Tsives Official comment

    Hello Manikandan,

    Vault currently supports either 90 or 180 days for password expiration, and either 3 or 5 last passwords for the reuse history. We are tracking a prior feature request to make this more flexible, although this is not something that is currently planned for any upcoming release.

    Thank you,

    Igor Tsives


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