Return name of User with Task Assigned

Is it possible to make an API call that will return the name (and if possible email address) of the User who has been assigned a specific Task during a workflow?


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    Krishna Kant Saraswat

    You can try querying workflows object and following metadata for active workflows.

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    Matthew Porter

    Hi Jeff -

    This query will give a list of users and their associated Workflow Tasks.

    Select id, name__v, email__sys, (Select id, object_type__v, name__v, assigned_to__v from activities__vr where object_type__vr.name__v='Workflow Task' ) from user__sys


    This query will give a list of tasks and the associated email assigned.

    Select id, object_type__v, name__v, assigned_to__v, assigned_to__vr.email__sys from activity__v where object_type__vr.name__v='Workflow Task'


    Hope these help.

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    Jeff McMurter

    Reply (paraphrased) from API developer to Matt Porter:   This is a great start, but running this query, there is not an association from the document to the task, nor is it clear from the documentation how this mapping exists.  We have not found documentation of the schema that would instruct on how to get from Document to Task - please provide additional information.


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    Matthew Porter

    Another idea would be to use a Vault Report Type: Activity.

    If you include "parent" and "assigned to" as columns, I think this would get you the information.

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    Matthew Porter

    Jeff - You can also query workflows using VQL. Fields available are at /metadata/objects/workflows end point.

    Here is a sample...

    Select workflow_name__v, task_name__v, task_assignee_name__v, task_assignee__v, workflow_document_id__v from workflows where task_status__v ='Assigned'

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