Announcing Veeva CRM 19R3 General Release

Veeva is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Veeva CRM 19R3 on January 10. Please note that this release includes an additional two weeks in sandbox (five weeks total) to allow for extended testing of Salesforce Territory Management 2.0 support.

19R3 Release Dates:
December 6 – Sandbox Release
January 10 – General Release
February 7 – Lightning Support Available

Detailed release notes for Veeva CRM 19R3 are now available on the About the 19R3 Release page.

Release highlights include:
Territory Management 2.0 Support - Enables migrations to Territory Management 2.0 in advance of Salesforce’s end of life for Territory Management 1.0.
Dynamic Attributes - Enables business users to easily and more quickly create new account attributes for collecting information without needing to create a new field.
CLM Filters - Augments existing label and directory capabilities with the ability to filter on CLM Presentation attributes to easily find presentations.
Engage Meeting Redesigned User Experience - Hosting Engage Meetings from the iPad will have seamless access to their meeting controls and the ability to see the attendee's video feeds while sharing CLM content.  
Enhanced Events Sign In Process -  Enhancements include a simplified welcome screen, responsive design, and a streamlined registration process to allow for an improved user experience.
oAuth 2.0 Support on iOS - Enables oAuth 2.0 integration for Veeva CRM authentication on Mobile Device Managed (MDM) iOS devices.
Multichannel Cycle Plan Goals by Detail Group - Enables the ability to set goals for a detail group providing the rep with the flexibility to determine the products used to achieve the goal.
Windows Autosync - A component of Real Time Architecture, Autosync is now available for Windows CRM users.

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