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FAO Adam McMillan

Hi Adam 

Thanks for your reply. This email is a follow up to my previous email requesting that Veeva increase the maximum file size for videos currently set at 2 gig. Your reply was:

“I do not foresee us increasing the max file size limit within the next 12 months. It does come up occasionally as a discussion point, but it always comes back to "What file size is efficiently reviewable within a browser-based, regulated content management system?"How often is it that you need to review the full sized file? And how often is it that large? Is it potentially more plausible to review a smaller resolution in your web browser (especially if versioned a lot!), and upload the full size upon approval?”

Astellas response is:

"To answer below from IT we work with 4 countries each time. We produce videos for educational Meetings, Websites and training videos for OAB as. We have been working with up to 100 videos and we always upload them as low resolution, but the lowest we can do is appr. 7GB as it depends on the length of the videos as well. So I believe this should have a much higher priority as we have to be able to do our work and have things approved correctly in PromoMats.
I suppose the idea with uploading videos in PromoMats is that we have the functionality to add comments directly in the videos, but this is not possible when we cannot upload them due to size.

We can add a link but then you miss the above functionality."



Nick Boxall

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