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Notification when a document is checked out




  • Matthew Porter

    I cannot speak to the future capabilities within Vault, but in the meantime, you could do this using the API. To automate, you could set up a simple two step zap on Zapier to watch for documents being checked out and then send a simple email to an email address. Let me know if you'd like more details.

    Also, as you mentioned, you could do a flash report that lists all documents (you have permission to) that are checked out, but the email would not be instant, rather, once a day digest.

  • Adam McMillan

    Thank you for this enhancement, and thanks to Matt for your answer!

    Another thing to consider is creating a saved view in the Library; adding the Checked Out filter and setting it to Yes, that will give you a list of all checked out documents.

    I will look into why you can't add "Checked Out" as a filter in reports; that indeed would be useful

  • Janssen V-TMF Support

    Hi Matt,

     Can you give me more details on how to use the API to do this.


  • Matthew Porter

    To use the API, see the documentation at

    The VQL query to get a list of files that are checked out is select id, name__v, locked__v from documents where locked__v = true

    Using code, email can be sent also.


    To use Zapier to automate the query and email, register for a account and send me an email from the account that you used to register.

    My email address is

    From there, I can give you access to a Veeva Vault Zapier app that we use for demonstrations.

    You can then use this app to query your Vault and Zapier email to send the email. This would be a two step Zap, which could be setup under a free Zapier account.

  • Adam McMillan

    You can create a Flash Report and filter by 'Check Out Type is not blank' as well


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