Updating Records on MyInsights JS Library

For one of our customers, we are building a customized MyInsights Report for Account Plans.

This report visualizes a few different views from which two of them are grids.
These grids are representing Key Stakeholders (rows), Products (Columns) and Product Metrics (Cells)
In one example the cell is a certain field in the product metrics which are visually represented as traffic lights.

The Sales rep is supposed to be able to update these values in the product metrics.
Product Metrics are not supported by Smart Linking.

However, even smart linking would not be a solution.
Since it opens the Apps native dialog, it kind of leaves the context of the report which lead to UX concerns in this particular case.

What we would need here would be a method in the MyInisights JS library to programatically update a record.
This is already possible with the Library for CLM presentations, but would greatly enhance the UI/UX capabilities that can be done in a custom MyInsights report.


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