Navigating through records or documents in list

There is some small print in the upper right corner of Veeva window that lets you navigate through objects/records that says something like "1 of 25 records in this list" with some arrows that you can click to navigate through. This navigation is always there, except when you navigate to the object/record through the home page (using the task or notification links that are provided). The lack of list navigation carries through when looking at something like a list of actions that are under a change control.

It's not a major problem, since there is a work around of navigating to the record without using the task link. It's just inconvenient to work around. Is this how it normally functions and is there a way to correct it?

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    Aaron E Official comment

    Hello Tom,

    This is the expected current behavior. I am moving this post to the Product Suggestions section for the Product Manager's attention.


    Thank you,


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