Enable viewable renditions for epub files


Recently one of our business colleagues is interested in uploading epub files to Vault.

We know that you can upload it but it does not generate a viewable rendition.


Is this on the plan for future releases?





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    Florian Letourneux Official comment

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for your message. There is no plan at this time to add support for epub files in Vault but this may be re-evaluated if usage of this format picks up.

    I'd suggest that you consider converting to PDF and then uploading the viewable rendition in Vault in the meantime. 

    Best regards,


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    Matthew Porter

    Martin - I cannot comment on future releases, but if you are open to other options in the meantime, CloudConvert.com can convert epub files to pdf. If you want to automate this process using the Vault API, this is certainly possible. Let me know if you'd like more information.

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