Rename "Calculate Sharing" Button


I support 6 FieldOps Managers who have Survey permissions and they independently create and publish surveys for their teams. I cannot count the number of times they have forgotten to press "Calculate Sharing" and therefore open up support tickets because their survey says "Published" however the MSLs don't have it on their iPads. 

What is confusing is that when you publish a survey in Veeva it is not actually available for use. This is very confusing and people make this same mistake over and over again of thinking there's a glitch when they forget to calculate sharing. They waste a lot of time troubleshooting. Can Veeva make it more obvious that you need to press the Calculate Sharing button in order to actually publish the survey?

Maybe you could make Veeva automatically calculate sharing whenever you publish a survey? Or rename "Calculate Sharing" to "Finalize Publication" or "Distribute Published Survey" or something? I can't think of any other app that uses the phrase "calculate sharing".


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