Salesforce Custom Settings - Critical Update

Salesforce has announced they will automatically enable the setting “Restrict access to custom setting” next year which will limit Veeva CRM's access to Custom Settings. To support this change, Veeva has made the necessary changes and have included them in our 19R3 release.

The messaging from Salesforce, however, is unclear regarding the timing of this update. In their announcement, Salesforce states the setting will be enabled starting January 3, 2020. To help clarify, Salesforce has confirmed they will begin upgrading Sandboxes orgs ONLY on January 3 and production orgs will not be upgraded until February. Veeva CRM 19R3 releases will be ahead of both the Sandbox and Production timing with 19R3 released on December 6 to Sandboxes Orgs and releasing on January 10, 2020 to Production Orgs.

Note: Production Salesforce orgs are showing the incorrect activation date for this setting. We are working with Salesforce to show the correct date and have confirmed with Salesforce that the setting will not be enabled in Production orgs until their February release of Spring '20.


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