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    Adam McMillan

    Hello Ansoo, do you have some more details you could provide? Is it that you want to be able to see the inbound DCC relationship in the document info panel?

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    Ansoo Kim

    Apologies for Missing contents...

    We need some enhancement between DCC(Document Change Control) and Document relationship.

    1) DCC state can not control the document state & user action.
    In our configured DCC, there are 'Plan Approval' state, which need quality team approval before document revision.
    Thus, we want to limit the user action like 'Send for Review' in document level before the DCC plan is approved.
    But, current QualityDocs doesn`t have any configuration to limit the document level action based on DCC(Object) state.
    If we can limit and control the document action by DCC state, It will be more powerful solution to our GMP environment.

    2) I think current DCC state can affect only those 2 document states, 'Pending Change Control Approval State' and 'Change Control Approved State' in Configuration (Admin - Configuration - Document Lifecycles - DtE Lifecycles - Details)
    As an workaround to avoid un-convenience like in No 1, we want to more configuration about this tab. Currently, there are only 2 options per DCC state, but if you can have more than 2 states, which affect to document state, It would be really good improvement in DCC - Document relationship

    Please let me know if some details are unclear. Will share more details!

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