Created Binder notification to Agency Users with Binder Document#

I've a workflow X which is when completed and Reaches X' state, binder is created out of it. Currently when binder is created, user has to manually go and search for the created binder. I want to configure it in such a way that when binder document is created, it should send notification to user with binder document link.

I already checked all binder related messages in system and they all are referencing to document number from which binder has been created not binder document number. My requirement is it should notification users with binder document link. Does it look good candidate for Product Enhancement Request? if yes please include it..


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    Manaphan Huntrakoon Official comment

    Hi Manish,

    The Create Related Document or Binder action does send out a notification with a link to the binder or document if a user executes the action directly or if the user executes a state change on the document which triggers the entry action.  If the state change is performed by a workflow, the notification will go to the system user.   We can add your enhancement request to our backlog for future evaluation.

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    Manish Kumar

    Thankyou Manaphan, i submitted enhanement request.

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