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I found some sample code from Veeva SDK fields and able to setup the env. But I am looking for a documentation where I can get the details of all SDK package , classes , methods usages.

 I am trying to create one SDK which will trigger while creating draft from a document.


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    Igor Tsives Official comment

    Hello Subhanan,

    You can access the SDK JavaDoc from here: https://repo.veevavault.com/


    Igor Tsives

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    Subhanan Ganguli

    It seems like Event action cannot be a trigger point for Document action SDK. Like while creating draft or create document , SDK cannot be triggered. Do you have any plan release date when we can get this option ?

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    Adam McMillan

    Hello Subhanan, you're right that the Event Action is what you're looking for, but this is not yet publicly available for SDK Actions as there are performance concerns with that we've yet to address. This is not currently on the plan for 20R1 or 20R2, but it may be a 20R3 contender (December 2020). The other SDK functionality we really want to enable for Documents is a proper SDK Trigger framework, like Vault Objects has today. Again, this is a future roadmap item, with no set release date at this time.

    What business flow are you trying to automate, out of interest? It may help in informing our design and testing.

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