Request to Add Roles to Sharing Settings when Creating Document with Loader

When using the Loader feature to create documents, it would be helpful if the system could update the Sharing Settings with the Roles that are normally added to a document when it is created, whether theses Roles are setup in Document Types > Security > Create Document Permission or in Document Lifecycle > Roles > Options > Add Default Users When: Creating a document.

Here is an example: I have several large study transfers where I need to upload and create documents using the Loader feature, but this process is significantly slowed down when I have to manually add 3 Global internal Roles to the Sharing Settings 1000 records at a time even though the roles are setup to add to the documents when “creating a document”. I do not want to convert these to DAC roles because I don’t want to repetitively add dozens of internal names to each new study and the bulk update feature randomly selects which documents to update instead of allowing me to sequentially select the next 1000 records to update, so I only upload 1000 records at a time, which slows the process down significantly. 


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    Jean Christophe Meriaux

    Thanks Daniel for your input / product suggestion and for taking the time to have a detailed use case explanation,

    The loader relies on the underlying  Document API, and in fact the API does not support the defaulting (defaulting is only applied when using the UI),

    What you describe is the best workaround at this stage,

    Alternatively, I'd like to mention that the Rest API could be used to automate the scenario your describe (but this is custom development though). You may consider this if you have often such transfers / large number of documents to move (professional services can help there),


    Jean-Christophe Meriaux, Vault Platform



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    Jean Christophe Meriaux


    Also regarding your comment on DAC, 

    If these sets of users must be added in the roles to all documents that are in specific type/subtype or classifications, it is possible to automatically assign these users each time a new document is created within these classifications, using a DAC rule based on a document type group.

    in this case one user role setup record would have to be created for these users (using a document type group as DAC matching field), not one record for each study,
    I am not sure if it is applicable in your use case, but wanted to mention this other option to you,

    Thanks again - Jean-Christophe Meriaux, Vault Platform


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