Require the "Select Account dialogue" in CLM on invoking the getDataForCurrentObject method when Account object is passed.

Hi, Team,

In the CLM presentation, we are using the “Veeva JavaScript Library version 181.9.0“

We are using the “launchApprovedEmail” method to launch the “Send email Native User Interface ” We have enabled the Veeva Setting for CLM_Select_Account_Preview_Mode, hence the “Select Account dialogue” is opened so the user can select an account.

We would like to have the same functionality triggered if we invoke the “com.veeva.clm.getDataForCurrentObject“ with the Account Object is passed to the method. (if we need to get the current account ID or account details etc.)

To elaborate, in case the user has not selected the Account, it should show the “Select Account dialogue” for the user to select the account when we invoke the "getDataForCurrentObject" method.



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