Vault Auto Claims Linking Feature 2020

Vault Auto Claims Linking Feature: 

What is feature:

With the power of AI, Vault PromoMats automates the creation of reference links on claims made within a promotional material. After scanning a library of claims, Vault annotates each claim in a document with a link to the supporting reference information, such as a clinical study.

How it is going to be helpful:

Veeva Vault PromoMats Auto Claims Linking gives medical, legal, and regulatory reviewers the peace of mind that promotional claims are substantiated by the right references. This saves these time-constrained resources the worry of double-checking the accuracy of reference links. In one click, they can easily find the relevant study that supports each claim.

Teams no longer have to stress whether claims link to the right reference document. You can also lower costs on additional agency hours and instead focus your efforts on producing great materials.

This above feature will be very helpful in many existing projects.

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