Date format in User CSV Export

The date format of the last_login field when you export the list of users from the Users & Groups screen in Vault Admin seems to show in the localized language of each user record. This can lead to unusable text in the export. It would make more sense if the date format was consistent across all exported records to the user interface in use when the export was made.


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    Graham G

    Hi Jason - thanks for your product suggestion. A possible workaround is exporting your Users and Groups in a report. You are able to configure a new report type containing both of these entities. The membership object is what joins them.

    Best regards, Graham

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    Jason Gullion

    Hi Graham,

    Yes, the report can work, but that is a work around because the export function does not work as I would expect. When I view the data in the list format, the dates are in English. When that same record comes out in the export, it is in a foreign language. 

    I use the Users list to actively manage user accounts. Now, when I want to get the same data that I am easily able to retrieve in that screen, I will need to go run the report after potentially having to change the report to meet my new data needs. Certainly doable, but not ideal.

    Thanks for the response.


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