Poster resolution on Windows device

I wanted to bring your attention to an issue we’ve been having in the CRM. When particularly dense poster PDFs are added to the CRM they appear to lose resolution such that when zooming in to view small text such as axis on a chart, the information is blurry to the point that our MSLs cannot show them to HCPs. When in PDF form outside of the CRM, the resolution stays when you zoom in.

Our administrator opened a ticket with Veeva about this a few weeks ago and they were able to replicate the issue on a Windows device (which we use), but did not have the same issue using an iPad. He explained that there is a difference in how PDFs are displayed on iPad vs Windows and a future enhancement will address the issue but was not able to provide an ETA.

I am hoping to escalate this issue as it prevents our MSLs from using the CRM during interactions with HCPs if they need to obtain a PDF version outside of CRM to use and also creates a risk of non-compliance should a poster expire.


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