Ensuring all users work with same version of large file

We have a scenario where multiple users will be working on a large document, and need to ensure that each person always uses the most recent version. 

In this specific case it is Adobe 'In Design' files, but the same situation could occur for any large file.

In order to edit the In Design files, the file must be downloaded to a local drive.  Once edits are complete, the new version is then uploaded back to VVPM. 

The best available option approach seems  to be to ensure that users always 'Check Out' the document when they are working on it, then 'Check In' when done.  That way a subsequent user knows whether the version in VVPM is most current (it is Checked In) or not (it is Checked Out).  This still leaves a risk in that if a user fails to upload or check back in, then the process stops. 

We also want to avoid having copies of files made to shared drive locations, or if at all possible even having the file downloaded. 

We would appreciate any suggestions or best practices for this situation. 


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