Adding Multiple Lines of Alternative Samples Using the Virtual Lot Number Feature

There is a discrepancy between how the system works online and using the Veeva App. 

What happens online:  When you create a call record online you can add multiple lines of Alternative Samples that use the virtual lots function.  You can save this and sync it down to your iPad without issue.  You can then edit the call to change how many lines you have in the Samples section of the call, sign, and submit it with any number of lines on the call.

What happens on the app:  When you create a call on the iPad, you cannot add more than one line of same sample using the virtual lot function.  When you try to add the next line it doesn't give you an Alternative Sample to select from. 

Use Case:  We have a client that wants to record a device as an alternative sample.  The devices do not have lot numbers, each device has an individual serial number.  To utilize the system we are using the free text box to record the serial number and have created a validation rule to enforce the formatting of the serial number.  For ease of use we are limiting the lines to a single sample with a single serial number.  If they go into an office and want to leave 5 devices, they would need to add 5 lines of the device Alternative Sample, each line for 1 unit and record a serial number for each.

We essentially need it to function offline the same way it function online.  That is, we need the ability to add multiple lines of the same alternative sample using the virtual lot functionality to a call record on the iPad.

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    Vinnie Fernicola

    This needs to be equal in offline and online.

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