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Good morning,

We've been working on a way to display the document owner for all documents at a glance, while also providing some high level detail about the owner. It seems that the simple Document report type, while it can return the Owner, only returns as text which means we cannot set up a Multipass report to bring in that user's Division or Title from the user object.

Currently, we're manually concatenating the two to generate a final report, but this is still a manual process. It would be hugely helpful if we could set up a true Vault report that user can reference quickly and filter as appropriate.

Thank you for your consideration!

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    Graham G

    Hi Joe - thanks for letting us know this report would be useful. Most user fields are supported for joining in multi-pass reports today. However, because Document Owner is a role field, which are handled separately, it is not yet supported. We will keep this enhancement in mind for a future release.

    Thanks, Graham

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