Request ability to disable auto-sync for Windows Mobile / WinModern



We have started to see a large increase in synching issues with the release of WinModern 193.9.0


We think it's attributable to the new auto-sync feature introduced in 193.9.0.


It is possible that our reps do not have solid internet connections when they are in the field.


We would like the ability to disable auto-sync so that the reps can control when they sync.


Thanks !


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    Erta Muca Official comment

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you for posting this issue in the community. The auto-sync behavior is currently a default-on functionality by design on all mobile platforms Veeva supports. Internet connectivity and other factors are accounted for in the design ensuring the data is synced properly on all user devices and to the Online Servers. 

    If you are experiencing any issues that seem currently abnormal, Veeva Support can help investigate the issue further. 

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