Multi Document Workflow Improvement

Dear Veeva Product Team:

Thanks for coming up with Multi Document workflow. Trust me, it's of great help but I believe you guys are still working to improve it and make it in similar way as of normal document lifecycle workflows. Based on my recent research on MDW, below are the scenarios which can be improved in further releases.

1. Field dependency supported by MDW.

2. Advanced Workflow role configuration support.

3. Workflow start step prompt for field should be auto populated with value given to it. Like Product should be auto populated if it has already value in it while initiating workflow. Below can be the scenario when metadata has been already filled with some value in it.

      3a) At the time of uploading document

      3b) Workflow start dialog box of workflow W1, you finish it. Start WF2 and prompt for same field. Ideally fields should be auto populated, but they are not.

4. End support doesn't support next workflow available prompt.


Thanks & Regards,




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