Query on Object Workflows

Hi all,

I am looking for some way to query Object Workflows and Object Workflow Tasks through API but not how it is described here https://developer.veevavault.com/api/19.3/#workflows.
The method described is very restricting and is requiring to provide both Object Name and Record ID - I am looking for more general way to extract all Object Workflows for all certain Objects (for example all workflows on all Milestones) without providing Record ID.
Thanks for information if this is feasible.


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    Matthew Porter

    This may help you...


    Select id, object_type__v, name__v, assigned_to__v, assigned_to__vr.email__sys from activity__v where object_type__vr.name__v='Workflow Task'

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    Krzysztof Dzienisiuk

    Thanks Matthew,

    It worked as expected and I was able to output the data - great!
    Hovewer not all information can be extracted querying activity__v. On the second thoughts I will try query on /objects/objectworkflows.

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