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Document Numbering within associated documents




  • Daryn Berger

    We have a similar use case with our current document management system.

  • Adam McMillan

    Hello there, thank you the detailed use case!

    My first question talk about a Parent document and a Child document (a concept I'm familiar with, as we had that in the system I used to be Product Manager for), but what I'm not clear on is how that Parent-Child relationship is identified?

    Whether the documents are linked by document number or by a document relationship, either way you have to (at some point) say that the two are related, or that one comes from the other, right?

    If I am on Document A, and I create a Child document from it, sure that could be considered a Parent and Child now. But Vault already handles this today with Based On relationship (which is created automatically when you use Make a Copy)

    I think I'm probably missing the crux of your problem here, so maybe you can give me a few more details?

    Thank you!


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