Document Numbering within associated documents

Dear Veeva Team,


We are operating Veeva Vault QualityDocs about one and half year and very satisfied Veeva solution`s flexibility and stability. And also surprised by innovation enhancements regarding mobile solution (station manager)! Through Veeva Vault, we can manage most of end users complex requirements and business cases and made huge enhancements in our working process.

But, there is one thing that not resolved for last one and half year. That is 'Intuitive Document Relationship'.

We are using 'Supporting Documents' Tab or Binder concept to make a relationship between documents, but this kind of relationship is not intuitive to end users.

For example, someone want to find a addendum document(user don`t know the addendum document information) related to a parent document. Then, the user has to go to parent document and try to find the specific addendum document in the supporting/source documents section or binder. But, if the document owner of parent/addendum document forget to make a relationship between parent and child(Addendum), then we lost the relationship between documents. Those kind of mistake are very common in our current practice and many end users were confused when they find the document. Because, without the relationship, we can not guess the document is child of master or not. (Let`s assume that Parent document is DOC-00001 and Child Document is DOC-00005 without relationship. How can we guess those documents are related!)

We were also using name or title field as a workaround to make a relationship. But this is not a unique field in our current practice and hard to control thousands of end users activities through procedure. They were not followed our procedure naming rule and make the document without the naming rule.

Therefore, we suggest a smart numbering like, leveraging previous existing numbering when create new documents. If the parent document is using Document Number 'DOC-00001', then a child document numbering from the parent document is 'DOC-00001-01' or 'Child 01 of DOC-00001'

Therefore, We can have a intuitive relationship by using unique numbering relationship and don`t need to depend on manual relationship or binding. This is huge improvement in managing documents having parent-child relationship or associating each other.

Please review this request and let us know if you need to know more details about this requirements. My email is ansoo.kim@samsung.com.


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    Daryn Berger

    We have a similar use case with our current document management system.

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    Adam McMillan

    Hello there, thank you the detailed use case!

    My first question is...you talk about a Parent document and a Child document (a concept I'm familiar with, as we had that in the system I used to be Product Manager for), but what I'm not clear on is how that Parent-Child relationship is identified?

    Whether the documents are linked by document number or by a document relationship, either way you have to (at some point) say that the two are related, or that one comes from the other, right?

    If I am on Document A, and I create a Child document from it, sure that could be considered a Parent and Child now. But Vault already handles this today with Based On relationship (which is created automatically when you use Make a Copy)

    I think I'm probably missing the crux of your problem here, so maybe you can give me a few more details?

    Thank you!

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