Way to get metrics on users completing task by task due date

Currently, there is no easy way to answer this scenario without creating a report and exporting to excel to do additional calculations:

  • The user has completed 100 tasks for the quarter/month/year. How many (or what percent) of those task were completed ahead of the task due date, same day as the task due date, and/or past the task due date?  

We would like a report to give us metrics on how well users are performing against the task/workflow due date. Task Duration only calculates the time difference between when the user was assigned the task and when s/he completed the task. We would like a field that also calculates the variance between when a user completed the task against the task/workflow due date. Currently there is no field that give us this option, and the workflow fields are not accessible to create a formula to calculate.

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    Graham G

    Hi Ronald - we have a feature planned that will allow you to define formulas in workflow reports. This feature is tentatively planned for 20R3 currently. Until then a feature being introduced in 20R1, Excel Templates for Reports could help. You could define a template that performs the calculation, upload it to this report, and then any user could export the report to the template and see the calculation. 

    Best, Graham

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