Ability to show custom fields in User Profile Page

In order to better identify who to transfer assets for a user that we would like to deactivate, we have added a custom field in user object but we are unable to display this field in User Profile Page to let our users to set the field. We need this field to be editable by our Users in the user profile page.

We need the ability to add the custom fields under user profile page.


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    Radoslaw Nocon


    Not sure if there is something new coming to Users&Groups if you refer it to that place, but you can add new fields to User Object, just exposed them on user object page layout that is used in business admin section.

    Not sure if that is helpful. 


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    Surendrababu, Samyuktha

    Hi Radoslaw,

    We are trying to add a custom field to display under the User profile page. Kindly refer the screenshot in the below link. 


    Thank you,

    Samyuktha S

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