Exporting contents to Excel should provide the complete contents of a long text field

Currently when we export quality events out of Veeva eQMS using either the Export to CSV or Export to Excel functionality we are not getting the complete contents of long text fields like Description. The description field is truncated to less than 255 characters.

I opened a support ticket and was told this was expected behaviour. 


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    Graham G

    Hi Dan - thanks for letting us know you would like to see the character limit increased. We are considering increasing this to 1,500 in the short term to be consistent with the maximum length of normal text fields. Do you think 1,500 characters would be sufficient for reports for the time being? Currently exports using Vault loader and VQL support the full text.

    Best regards, Graham

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    Pavol Lim

    Hi Graham, if I am not mistaken there is a planned update for this in 20R1 or 20R2. 1500 characters does not sound that much to be honest. We have a several fields with limit 32000 characters. Personally, I'd expect from export function to see "everything".

    Thank you,


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