QMS Urgent Enhancement Request - Associated Records Link

During our EQUIS Implementation Project, we have requested 'Associated Records' function from the start of the project. (Project kick-off was on July 2019) However, it was discovered recently (Feb 2020) that the Associated Records function does not meet our requirements. The current setting in the Sandbox does not enable Self-referencing and requires to add another section to self-reference records. Also, that self-referencing section would include other quality events as well, which is confusing to the users. User interface is too confusing. We would like to have a single section to add ALL of the referencing records, like TrackWise. I am sure other companies who also switched from TrackWise needs this functionality. Therefore, I would like to request an urgent enhancement request (to be implemented before Jun 2020, so that it can be implemented during our Go-Live on Aug 2020) to have a functionality to add multiple links to add associated records into the record. It should just be a simple link cross-referencing between records, without any parent-child relationships. Please refer to attached example of TrackWise.


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    Ansoo Kim

    I have similar request regarding this one. In document case, document relationship is one side relationship and trigger many mistakes in end user side. Binding was alternative option to reduce the mistake for document relationship, but it was also failed due to too much manual job.

    Therefore, by configuration, If we can select whether the relationship is cross-referencing or one side relationship, it would be great improvement regarding document relationship management. (like version specific or document specific options when create document relationship tab)

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    Adam McMillan

    Noted, for the documents case, Ansoo. We've heard this a number of times, and I'll make sure to record this ask too.

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