Could we add a new custom text field in the consent type?

Hi Team

Galderma Australia's customer want to add a new Text field in the consent type to get custom information into Multichannel Consent records.

According to our investigation, it's possible to add a customized "Checkbox" field according to the following article.

But even we set the new field's data type is text(60), it also shows as the checkbox. 
So is there any way to add a Text field? If so, please provide the steps. This is a bit urgent, so please help to investigate and reply with a higher priority.

Thanks very much!

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    Nishant Bafna Official comment

    Hi Alex,

    Have you tried -

    • Creating a text field on Consent Type object and creating another field, with the same type and name, on Multichannel Consent object.
    • Grant user Read access to field on Consent Type and Read, Write access to field on Multichannel Consent.
    • Populate the field on Consent Type and then capture consent for that Consent Type record.
    • The value from Consent Type should be stamped in Multichannel Consent record.

    Can you please let me know the result of this configuration?



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